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We exist to bridge the gap in communication between the patient and healthcare provider. Are you tired of trying to understand the medical jargon, abbreviations, acronyms and slang? So are we. We are a crowdsourced hub of all things medical terminology. Doctorlingo serves two purposes. The first is to provide a centralized resource for the thousands of acronyms, jargon, and difficult to understand language of medicine. As medical records become more and more available, Doctorlingo also provides an open JSON API that allows programmers to develop applications for automated text translation from Medical language to plain, easy to read, English. We are dedicated to furthering medical education and improving patient’s understanding of their disease processes.


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Medical Professional

We offer a free database of medical terminology to provide you with the resources for effectively, and simply, communicating with your patients. This allows for higher patient satisfaction and trust. Additionally, we offer an Application Program Interface (API) that will seamlessly connect with your website to accomplish the same goal of ease of communication.


Medical student, Physician Assistant student, Nursing student, MA? We offer resources for students in all walks of life to dive-in and learn medical terminology the easy way. Learn the language of medicine and impress your superiors! We offer flash card decks for studying and can provide you with insight on our favorite products for students. Contact us for more details!


Never feel lost again. We offer you the tools to understand the language of medicine. We offer a database full of common medical terms, so that you can better understand what your doctor is telling you. We also offer a medical record translation service. We securely and confidentially translate your record into plain, easy to read, language so that you can understand the severity and treatment of your illness.


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Co-founder, Chief Operator

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Founder, Network Liason

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Lead Developer