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Chief Operator, Co-Founder

Josh Calvano

Josh is an officer of the US Air Force, Student Physician entrepreneur, and family man. He oversees all of the in's and out's of DoctorLingo. He works on the strategic development, marketing, and educational components. He is passionate about servitude and innovation, which is well-reflected throughout the sites design and mission.

Josh Calvano is a third year medical student and Second Lieutenant in the US Air Force. Prior to pursuing medicine he had careers in information technology and education advancement. He helped develop the nation’s first longitudinal curriculum in digital health at a medical school. He is a published author and believes in the practice of evidence-based medicine.

Josh began overseeing DoctorLingo in 2019, after discussing his passion for education and entrepreneurship with Shuhan He. He hopes to have DoctorLingo serve as a hub for improving physician communication, patient understanding, and student learning.

During his downtime he can be found spending time with his family or working on projects. He is always looking for new hobbies and currently plans on working on his private pilot’s license.

Network Liason, Founder

Shuhan He, MD

Shuhan is an Emergency Medicine Physician at the Massachusetts General Hospital, an affiliate of the Harvard Medical School. With decades of experience in digital design, he is the original founder of DoctorLingo and serves an essential role in the development, integration, and implementation of the site.

Shuhan He MD is an Emergency Medicine physician at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. He is also the associate director of digital growth strategy at the Center for Innovation in Digital HealthCare.

He is also an inventor of the Anatomical Heart and Lung Emojis. He believes in making all of healthcare more accessible and affordable, especially using digital means.

Lead Developer

Mark Malone

Mark is a secret weapon, here at DoctorLingo. He has held system administrator and web developer roles in large corporations and universities. His continued work and effort on the API and Medical Record Translator continues to drive DoctorLingo forward as a leader in innovation.

Mark Malone is an application systems analyst at Northern Arizona University. After 5 years of working as a software developer at General Motors, he has decided to return to the education realm to advance his knowledge in the software development lifecycle.

Josh reached out to Mark to help write the API (Application’s Programmable Interface) for doctorlingo’s word database.

In his off time, Mark likes to play guitar, develop websites for friends, and hike around Northern Arizona. See more of what he is up to at his personal site:

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Ross Thompson, DDS

Dental Representative

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