Full form/Meaning: Achievement Check List   Definition: Achievement checklist is a tool that allows hospital management to assess how their facility reaches, serves and treats people. It offers them the opportunity to identify strengths and weaknesses and a good basis to make subsequently amendments. It is a tool that can be used by accreditation bodies […]


Full form/Meaning: Anterior Chamber of the Eye   Definition: This is an angular fluid-filled space located around the anterior part (between the iris and cornea) of the human eye.  It is filled with (about 0.25 ml) of the aqueous humour and 3 mm depth.   Usage in Sentence: “I remember my professor saying that the […]


Full form/Meaning: Alkaline Phosphatase   Definition: Alkaline Phosphatases are a group of enzymes found mainly in the liver and bone. This enzyme functions well in alkaline pH (usually a pH of 10). It is frequently used to look at the health of the gallbladder. .   Usage in Sentence: “The patients AP is elevated and […]


Full form/Meaning: American College of Surgeon   Definition: The American College of Surgeons was founded in 1912 by Ernest Amory Codman. It is a worldwide scientific and educational association of qualified surgeons and has it headquarter in Chicago, Illinois.   Usage in Sentence: “He earned his membership with the American College of Surgeon after several […]


Full form/Meaning: Acute Coronary Syndrome   Definition: Acute Coronary Syndrome is a group of clinical signs and symptoms compatible with acute myocardial ischemia and/or infarction due to an abrupt reduction in coronary blood flow. This is commonly known as a heart attack.   Usage in Sentence: “Acute coronary syndrome encompasses a spectrum of unstable coronary […]


White Blood Cells per High Powered Field. A term used to denote the number of white cells within a urine sample (A Urinalysis, or UA). The normal range is 0-5 wbc/hpf If there a an elevated white blood cell count in the UA, it might be because there is a UTI, however it also could […]


Acronym for Acute Coronary Syndrome, or a heart attack Acronym for American College of Surgeons, the foundation for Surgeons.


Full form/Meaning: Abdomen   Definition: Abd is shorthand for abdomen. That is, the part of the body between the chest (thorax) and pelvis of the body of humans and vertebrates. The region the abdomen covers is called the abdominal cavity and it is made up of several muscles. Usually denoted in the physical exam section […]


Full form/Meaning: Angiotensin II   Definition: Angiotensin II is the integral part of the body compensatory mechanism i.e the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system. This peptide hormone enhances the blood pressure by vasoconstriction and increased aldosterone secretion.   Usage in Sentence: “Angiotensin I is converted into Angiotensin II by Angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE)”.   Do you know? There […]