Acronym for Transfusion Associated Circulatory Overload


BTSS: Bilateral Transverse Sinus Stenosis


BOS = Bronchiolitis Obliterans Syndrome, a disease of the lungs


LVRS= Lung Volume Reduction Surgery


Full form/Meaning: Achievement Check List   Definition: Achievement checklist is a tool that allows hospital management to assess how their facility reaches, serves and treats people. It offers them the opportunity to identify strengths and weaknesses and a good basis to make subsequently amendments. It is a tool that can be used by accreditation bodies […]


Full form/Meaning: Anterior Chamber of the Eye   Definition: This is an angular fluid-filled space located around the anterior part (between the iris and cornea) of the human eye.  It is filled with (about 0.25 ml) of the aqueous humour and 3 mm depth.   Usage in Sentence: “I remember my professor saying that the […]


Full form/Meaning: Ante Cibum   Definition: Shorthand for the Latin of Ante Cibum (before food) and used in medical directives to denote that action such as checking of blood sugar or taking of a particular drugs be done before meals.   Use in Sentences: “Always remember to take this medications A.C.”   Do you know? […]


Full form/Meaning: Alkaline Phosphatase   Definition: Alkaline Phosphatases are a group of enzymes found mainly in the liver and bone. This enzyme functions well in alkaline pH (usually a pH of 10). It is frequently used to look at the health of the gallbladder. .   Usage in Sentence: “The patients AP is elevated and […]


Full form/Meaning: American College of Surgeon   Definition: The American College of Surgeons was founded in 1912 by Ernest Amory Codman. It is a worldwide scientific and educational association of qualified surgeons and has it headquarter in Chicago, Illinois.   Usage in Sentence: “He earned his membership with the American College of Surgeon after several […]


Full form/Meaning: Acute Coronary Syndrome   Definition: Acute Coronary Syndrome is a group of clinical signs and symptoms compatible with acute myocardial ischemia and/or infarction due to an abrupt reduction in coronary blood flow. This is commonly known as a heart attack.   Usage in Sentence: “Acute coronary syndrome encompasses a spectrum of unstable coronary […]