Slang, an acronym for Done Fell Out, frequently used in the the northeast


Acronym for Diverting Loop Ileostomy


Difficulty with the action of swallowing. “The patient described significant dysphagia with dry foods”. Not to be confused with odynophagia, which is painful swallowing

Drop a Lung

  Slang term for a complication of procedure that causes the lung to collapse, causing a pneumothorax. “We inserted the needle too far and it caused the patient to drop a lung.”  


  The action of getting rid of a patient that nobody wants, either to another section of the hospital or to another hospital. “This dump of a transfer from OSH.”  


  Referring to Motorcycles, which often cause death of the rider and thus organ donation. “Why Johnny bought that donorcycle I have no idea.”  

Drive by anesthesia (or doctor)

  A slang term for an ethically dubious practice where doctor, usually an anesthesiologist, will come assess a patient who is under anesthesia and then later bill the patient and his insurance a fee that is out of network and thus the anesthesiologist is paid cash for a service the patient never intended to occur. […]


DOMA: “Day off my ass,” A day after an overnight shift that is technically a free day off, but since they are so tired it barely counts. “My one day off in 2 weeks was a DOMA.”


To no longer have a fever. “The patients fever peaked at 102 and subsequently defervesed at 4pm after being given tylenol.”