Acronym for Hard of Hearing


Acronym for Lower Extremity Acronym for Leukocyte Esterase


Full form/Meaning: Abdomen   Definition: Abd is shorthand for abdomen. That is, the part of the body between the chest (thorax) and pelvis of the body of humans and vertebrates. The region the abdomen covers is called the abdominal cavity and it is made up of several muscles. Usually denoted in the physical exam section […]


An acronym used for Keep Veins Open. It is usually a slang term and not a formal order, although frequently used to communicate in notes. KVO refers to just enough fluids to prevent clots in the catheter, so usually about 10cc/hour (clots form when you have no flow).


Difficulty with the action of swallowing. “The patient described significant dysphagia with dry foods”. Not to be confused with odynophagia, which is painful swallowing


Pain with swallowing. “The patient described significant odynophagia with steak meals”. Not to be confused with dysphagia, which is difficulty swallowing

MD aware

  A phrase used by physicians that states they are aware of the issue. Usually used in jest for trivial things that do not really require physician attention, or, when there is a high risk patient and want to be sure the spread the blame if something goes wrong. ex 1 “Doc, the patient had a […]

Please Optimize Medical Treatment

  A term used by surgeons or interventionalists that means the patient is not ready for their intervention or not appropriate for their intervention (surgery, scope, etc.). “In my assessment the patient is not a candidate for a a CABG, please continue to optimize medical management and we will reassess in 1 month as an […]

Thank you for this interesting consult

  A phrase used at the end of documentation by consultants. Often used in gest when the patient is particularly boring and their consult was not needed. Also used sometimes as a generic sign off for their documentation. “In my assessment, the patient likely has hypertension. Please treat with home medications. Thank you for this […]


  No known drug allergies