Graft vs. Host Disease, a complication of usually bone marrow transplant procedures. The donated bone marrow (Graft) has white blood cells inside of it and it finds itself donated into a new host that is foreign, so it starts attacking everything and causing havoc on the person that really needed that new bone marrow as […]

GPR and GNR Sepsis

Gram Positive Rods (GPR) and Gram Negative Rods (GNR) Gram Positive Rod, Gram Negative Rod Sepsis. Sepsis is a life threatening reaction to infection in the body and can be caused by many types of bacteria. These two terms, GPR, GNR, are common causes of sepsis.  

GI rounds

  slang for a meal; derived from rounding on patients, but instead with food. “We’ve finished morning rounds, now its time for GI Rounds.”  


  Ground Level Fall. “The patient tripped on a rock and presents after GLF.”  


Glasgow Coma Scale. ” A scale used to determine the patients conciousness and awareness.”


Get Out of My Emergency Room. a patient, usually poor or elderly, in the emergency room with a chronic, non-emergency condition. The name was popularized by Samuel Shem in his novel The House of God.


A drip, usually used in context of medications. “Please start a Lasix gtt”