Full form/ Meaning: Activities of Daily Living Definition: Acronym of Activities of Daily Living. There are 6 basic types of ADL’s: Eating, bathing, dressing, toileting (urinating and defecating), Continence (not toileting when inappropriate), and Walking. These determine the type of care that patients need usually before or after a hospital admission, and also has impacts on […]


A term describing the patient leaving without knowledge of the care providers, usually without completing medical care. “The patient eloped prior to being seen in the Emergency department. The patient was called by overhead twice and called on the patients phone with no success.”


Do not intubate, a legal term describing the patients desire to not intubate should the patient need help with breathing, and thus preventing the patient from possibly living on a ventilator machine. “The patients code status is DNI and thus we should not intubate if she develops respiratory failure.”


Do not resuscitate, a legal term describing the patients desire to not do certain procedures should the patients heart stop. “The patients code status is DNR and thus we should not perform CPR.”