Acronym for Normal Saline @ rate, i.e. NS@100cc/hr, which means that normal saline is flowing at 100 ml / hour.


Acronym for Non Weight Bearing, as in the patient is not allowed to walk or put weight on their legs. Usually used after procedures or in context of staying off their feet after a fracture or broken bone.

Nursemaid’s Elbow

  A colloquial term for a radial head sublaxation injury, which often occurs during childhood. Also referred to as a “pulled elbow.” This term exists because nursemaids, who used to take care of children, would swing children by one arm which would cause this injury.  


  No known drug allergies  


  N- Acetylcysteine, a drug used as an antidote to tylenol overdose.  


No Acute Distress. An acroynm used in documenation that states that the patient is not in acute pain or illness. “The patient is well groomed, in no acute distress lying on the gurnee on her phone.”


A raised lesion on the skin. used similarly to the term plaque or papule but usually referring to lesions that have depth underneath the skin as well. “The nodule measured 5cm in size and was black distal to the erythemetous plaque.”


Non ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction


Normal Saline


Nothing Per Os; a term referring to No Food/Nothing by Mouth. “The patient should be NPO for 6 hours prior to the procedure.”