A prostatectomy is a surgery performed to remove part or all of the prostate gland. This procedure can be performed though an open prostatectomy or transuethral resection of the prostate (TURP).


Acronym for Post Operative Day. Usually denoted as POD #1, POD #2, etc.


Acronym for Passy-Muir Valve, a valve that allows patients to speak while they have a tracheostomy.


  As needed, deriving from the latin word “pro re nata”, which means “for an occasion that has arisen. ” “The ABG order is written PRN as we titrate the ventilator settings.”  

Please Optimize Medical Treatment

  A term used by surgeons or interventionalists that means the patient is not ready for their intervention or not appropriate for their intervention (surgery, scope, etc.). “In my assessment the patient is not a candidate for a a CABG, please continue to optimize medical management and we will reassess in 1 month as an […]


  Slang for the Emergency Room, usually because it is on the ground level of the hospital. ” I was exhausted after my month in the pit.”  


  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder  

Pan scan

  Doing a CT scan of the entire body, usually done in trauma. ” The patient presented after a car accident and had multiple injuries, we should do a pan scan to see whats hiding.”  


Slang term for when an attending or resident physician asks questions continuously to physicians ranked lower than them, often to establish dominance and make the other person feel bad about their lack of knowledge. “I got pimped all day by Dr. Ezekial and it was humiliating.”

Positive Suitcase Sign

When a patient arrives into the Emergency department with packed suitcases for their stay in the hospital before the physician has a chance to even see them. Usually a sign that the patient either knows they are being admitted or is going to demand this is the case. “You know, the patient has ulcerative colitis […]