The sound of gut noises that occurs with movement of solids/liquids/gases through the large intestine. Usually used in reference to small bowel obstructions, whereby the tinkering sound is heard


Full form/Meaning: Move inwards   Definition: This is the act of moving a limb towards the midline of the body. Adduction motion include moving the two hands (stretched horizontally) towards the body to achieve a vertical orientation. The opposite of adduct is abduct.   Usage in Sentence: “Adduction of the leg was limited due to […]


1. physical therapy 2. Posterior Tibial, “The posterior tibial pulse is 2+”


Dorsalis Pedis, an artery where the physician often feels for pulses. “The DP is 2+.”


Glasgow Coma Scale. ” A scale used to determine the patients conciousness and awareness.”


Full form/Meaning: Move outwards   Definition: This is the act of moving a limb away from the midline of the body. Abduction motions include swinging the hands from the side of the body up to the shoulder or even higher. Also, raising the arms laterally to the sides and moving the knees away from the […]


Full form/Meaning: Alert and oriented x3 Definition: It refers to the cognitive status of an individual. AOx3 is a shorthand for stating the findings after a physical examination and the patients can correctly identify him/herself, tell the time and place he/she is at that given moment. The AOx3 usually refers to person, time, and place. […]


Mean arteriale blood pressure. A calculated formula that physicians use to determine the overall pressure in the circulatory system and a good indicator of perfusion of organs. The minimal goal is usually 65 for physicians to say that the person is sending blood to all of their organs. “Keep MAP goal >65.”


Diastolic Blood pressure, the bottom value of the blood pressure. ” BP is 160/75, with DBP 75.”


Systolic blood pressure, the top value of the blood pressure. “BP is 160/75, with SBP 160.”