Labiopexy: a surgical procedure to modify the external labia components. Similar to Labioplasty


Maneuver (there are many) that increases pressure in the thorax. Often used when patients are in abnormal heart rhythms, since this maneuver can trigger the brain to slow the heart down. “The patient was instructed to undergo a valsalva maneuver and subsequently broke the SVT.”

V/Q scan

Ventilation/Perfusion scan. A type of imaging that is used to diagnose a pulmonary embolism




Computed Tomography, the CT scan is often used for

A line

Full form/Meaning: Arteriale Line   Definition: Arteriale Line, a procedure that introduces a catheter into the artery so that blood pressure can be monitored; usually for critically ill patients.   Usage in Sentence: “The redial artery is the most common site for cannulation of patients to place A-Line”   Do you know? Using A-line as […]

A stick

Full form/Meaning: Arteriale stick   Definition: An arterial stick is the collection of blood from an artery fin order to carry out some laboratory test. The major sites to perform arteriale stick include the artery in the wrist, on the inside of the elbow or groin.   Usage in Sentence: “Use A-stick to get her […]


A device that seals air around the mouth, and used to squeeze air into the airway.


Computed Tomography, Pulmonary Embolism, a radiology procedure usually used to diagnose Pulmonary embolisms. Uses contrast to fill the arteries, and when there is a blood clot, it causes defects in the image that gives a sign that there is a blood clot


Full form/Meaning: Above the knee amputation   Definition: This is the surgical removal of a part of a limb; done above the knee level. Soft tissue and primary bone sarcoma are some of the indications for AKA. Patients requiring an above-knee amputation for these conditions must undergo complete staging so as to allow the surgeon […]