Acronym for Standing On the Corner Minding My Own Business, usually part of the narrative patients talk about when discussing how they ended up with gruesome injuries in the Emergency department


A septoplasty surgical procedure used to correct the shape of the septum.


Acronym for Short Acting Beta Agonist, like albuterol that is used for asthma. Compare to LABA, or Long Acting Beta Agonist, like Advair


noun: A substance or item that causes increased salivation, in watering of the mouth. “Sour patch kids are sialogogues”


  Slang term for a patient who is sleepy from medications. Adjective:”The patient is snowed after we have her a 5 & 2. ” Verb:”We snowed the patient after she became agitated.”  


A slang term referring to work that is not educational or meaningful, and usually given to the lowest employee, resident, or medical student. “All I do is scutwork for the resident, grabbing his coffee, holding fat pads during surgery, its exhausting.”

Slow Code

When a patient is a Full Code, meaning they want all measures done when their heart stops including CPR, medications, and electrical shock. However the doctors don’t feel like this is appropriate due to age, extreme illness with poor expectancy. Thus, the patient’s code is a slow code. “This 102 year old patient is a […]


Brown flaking over a lesion that contains dried blood or fluids. Separate from Eschar which is composed of necrotic tisue.


Flaking of the most superficial layers of the skin that stays above the epidermis.