Post Prandial

The feeling after a meal where one becomes sluggish and fatigued  

Bed Tetris

Usually around shift change when lots of patients are being wheeled between wards

Curbside Dropoff

Made famous in Lynn, MA, the curbside drop-off is when several friends in a beat up car deliver the overdosed or dead body of their “friend” to the front door of the ER by pushing their deadweight body out of the car onto the ground and shouting for help as they drive away. Fact.


Acroynm for Rounding The List, which is a slang term for doctors reviewing all the patients and assessing to do’s and action plans for the patient, which usually involves making phone calls and writing orders


  A diuretic medication given that helps patients pee. Called this because it “lasted six hours.”  

Win the game

  To discharge all of the patients from your service, so that you have no patients to take care of. “I discharged 2 people and won the game.” – Patrick Doyle PA-C  


  The act of asking a specialty physician a question without formally consulting them, thus needing them to formally see, evaluate the patient and write documentation that describes their recommendations. “Hey can we curbside you for a quick question? Do you think procainamide can be used for this patient in Afib?”  


  Slang term for a patient who is sleepy from medications. Adjective:”The patient is snowed after we have her a 5 & 2. ” Verb:”We snowed the patient after she became agitated.”  

Please Optimize Medical Treatment

  A term used by surgeons or interventionalists that means the patient is not ready for their intervention or not appropriate for their intervention (surgery, scope, etc.). “In my assessment the patient is not a candidate for a a CABG, please continue to optimize medical management and we will reassess in 1 month as an […]

MD aware

  A phrase used by physicians that states they are aware of the issue. Usually used in jest for trivial things that do not really require physician attention, or, when there is a high risk patient and want to be sure the spread the blame if something goes wrong. ex 1 “Doc, the patient had a […]