Ad Lib

Full form/Meaning:

Ad libitum



Ad lib is the shortened form of Ad libitum, a Latin phrase meaning without restriction, at liberty or at one’s pleasure. Thus, denoting that there are no spelt out rule to comply to within the context where such freedom applies.

At liberty, thus the patient is free to walk around the ward at lib, without limitations.

Usage in Sentence:

“The patient is free to take water and walk around the ward at lib.”


Do you know?

Fluid restriction is responsible for greater level of dehydration and increased perceived exertion during exercise than ad libitum drinking of water. However, the performance is basically the same. (Carvalho, et al., 2011).



Carvalho P., Oliveira B., Barros R., Padrão P., Moreira P. and Teixeira V. H (2011).Impact of fluid restriction and ad libitum water intake or an 8% carbohydrate-electrolyte beverage on skill performance of elite adolescent basketball players. International Journal of Sport Nutrition Exercise Metabolism, 21(3):214-21. Available at

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