How frustrating is it to not be able to understand what your doctor is trying tell to you? Do you wish that you had some kind of medical record translation tool that broke everything down into simple terms? Look no further.

Doctorlingo provides an easy to use medical translation service. Get help translating medical records into plain, easy to read, English. As a patient this means that you can finally have a better understanding of your condition or disease process. Our medical record translation provides a concise, easy to understand, plain english translation so that you can see how your medical record is intended to be understood. We want to make medicine completely transparent.

Every medical document goes through translation by our unique, secure, system. The document is then reviewed by a medical professional to ensure simplicity and accuracy. However, this service does not act as a replacement for a visit to your doctor. 

We do not interpret medical findings. DoctorLingo also does not offer second opinions or give recommendations on therapy. Medical questions should be directed to your doctor. We choose to limit our service to providing the best translation of your medical information.

Medical Record Translation DoctorLingo

How do I know my information is safe?

Data protection and confidentiality are taken extremely seriously at DoctorLingo. Any member assigned to your medical record takes a vow of confidentiality and has gone through a complete HIPAA training.

All data on our website uses an SSL encryption protocol. What does this mean to you? When browsing our website, look for https at the start of the website url. This serves to provide added security and encryption of all exchanged information.

We collect as little information as needed from our clients. We prefer that you remain completely anonymous. The information we request is strictly for communication and accuracy of our service. We request that before you send any documentation you cover up or block all of your personal information (i.e. address and social security number) as well as your doctor’s information.

After the translation has been verified, you will be sent a password. This password will be used to access your encrypted translation file. We recommend storing this file in a safe location with your other medical records.

Rest assured, your personal data will NEVER be passed on or sold. We hold on to a back up of all translations sent to our clients for 30 days and then they are automatically deleted, unable to ever be retrieved again.

We guarantee that your privacy will always be upheld to the highest standards.

What do you translate?

We translate the results of any medical examinations. This includes hospital records, X-ray or MRI imaging results, laboratory findings, and doctor’s notes. We are here to help you learn about the findings that are of the most interest to you.

Remember, you can always search our main DoctorLingo site and browse for individual words.

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**Why do we need this info? This information is used to make sure that you are provided with the most accurate translation information.